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For practical purposes a 1/8-inch (3mm) tolerance (plus or minus) is recommended on most dimensions. This may be exceeded in some instances, as manufacturing tolerances are more flexible in certain non-critical portions on the vehicle. All measuring values are considered reference values and are not to be considered factory values.

Measuring point and data sheet information
We have attempted to standardize the description of measuring points with pictures. Data sheet numbers identify vehicle and issue.

The dimensions on the bottom view data sheets are direct and may be measured direct from point to point with a measuring tape or tram bar (with the pointers set to equal length) between dimension points. Measuring points are symmetrical if not noted otherwise.

Datum Line
An imaginary line from which dimensions are given to establish the correct height of a given point on the vehicle frame or body above this datum line. The datum line is perpendicular and parallel to the vehicle underside. It is essential that the vehicle be supported either on its wheels or on front and rear suspensions for all datum line checks.